We're just feline fanatics trying to make a difference!

Scroll down to learn more about what we do, how we got started, who we are, and our Little Heroes Sanctuary.

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What do we do?

In a nutshell, Filey Cat Rescue helps cats in need across North and East Yorkshire.

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We respond to call-outs from members of the public and local authorities at any time of the day, rescuing stray and feral cats and kittens from emergency situations, in which their health and/or well-being is jeopardised by abuse, neglect, abandonment or danger.

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Rescued cats and kittens reside at our Little Heroes Sanctuary, where they receive first-class veterinary care, luxury accommodation, nutritious meals and around-the-clock attention from devoted cat-lovers to make their rehabilitation journey as comfortable as can be.

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Whenever possible, we look to pair our rescued cats and kittens with the best “forever homes” in the area, matching their unique requirements to the facilities of trusted prospective owners, either by way of our Fostering Scheme or through permanent adoption.

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Alongside our rescue work, we’re dedicated to promoting the welfare of cats, providing the public with advice on proper feline care via our website, social media channels, and regular Open Days held at the Little Heroes Sanctuary during the summer months.

A woman with dark hair, wearing orange, holding a black cat.

From there, our feline family continued to grow: Barney, the railway kitten; Millie, the discarded lab-cat; Charles, the toddler’s torture victim; Simba, the car-accident survivor. Before we knew it, our home was filled with furry faces… and we loved it!

Flash forward to May 2020, two months after the pandemic turned the world upside down, and we received word of a litter of kittens struggling to survive in a hole in the ground at a nearby farm. So, without a second thought, we got to work converting a brand new summer house into a fully-insulated luxury cat refuge and Filey Cat Rescue was born.

In the last 18 months, we’ve rescued nearly 60 stray and feral cats and kittens from abuse, neglect, abandonment and danger, providing them with first-class accommodation and nourishment, financing their life-saving veterinary care, and enabling them to experience love and kindness, often for the first time.

Now, in 2022, our newly-expanded team of feline-fanatics are thrilled to announce that Filey Cat Rescue is fully registered with the Charity Commission and ready to make a real difference to the lives of cats and kittens across North and East Yorkshire.

Our Story

10 years ago, on a cold winter’s night, a stray tabby showed up outside our back door, hungry and alone. She was scared, but managed to pluck up the courage to tuck into a tin of tuna, before running off into the dark.

We weren’t sure whether we’d ever see her again, but picked up some Whiskas pouches from the supermarket, just in case. Sure enough, she was back the very next night and seemed to be a big fan of the new food, so much so that it became her name: Whiskas.

A few days later, after her supper, she wasn’t in such a hurry to leave, so we decided to sit and read to her: Love Aubrey by Suzanne LaFleur. As the nights rolled on, her confidence grew, and by the end of the book, she was curled up on our laps, purring into the early hours.

Then, all of a sudden, Whiskas disappeared without a trace. We waited for her every night, but she was nowhere to be seen. It was almost a week before we opened the garden shed and found her… nursing five newborn kittens, each as beautiful as their mother.

Three cat-shaped plant pots in a garden.
Meet the Team

The dream team behind our initiative

Little Heroes Sanctuary

Nestled in an idyllic garden, less than a mile from the stunning North Yorkshire coastline, our Little Heroes Sanctuary is currently home to over 40 rescue cats and kittens.

Aside from the main house, we have 11 unique lodgings, each containing spacious indoor and outdoor areas, climbing equipment, scratching posts, hiding places, multi-sensory toys and lots of cosy beds - all serviced twice daily with top-tier fresh food, water, and litter facilities.

The garden itself is completely secure, providing a safe haven away from predators and busy roads, complete with lush paddocks and a host of climbable trees, as well as paved areas for sunbathing and a beautiful new aviary, surrounded by benches for our cats to sit and watch the budgies.

A stone wall, surrounded by greenery, in front of two brown sheds, each with an attached outdoor run.
A tabby cat climbing a tree.

Our Sanctuary Residents - both temporary and permanent - have access to the very best veterinary treatment in the county and receive round-the-clock attention from a dedicated team of carers, whose duties include grooming, walking, playing, reading, and of course, cuddling.

Head over to the Our Cats page to discover more about our current residents or find out how you can help support the Sanctuary by sponsoring a cat (coming soon).

Little Heroes Sanctuary is open to prospective fosterers and adopters by appointment only. If you’d like to arrange a visit, feel free to contact us by phone, email or social media via the Get In Touch page.

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